Hi, we're a band called Morton Valence.

Yes, the name sounds a bit like a solo artist, but we're actually a duo, our voices are very different, but they work well together.

We are Anne Gilpin and Robert 'Hacker' Jessett, we have a sort of revolving door thing going on with musicians, and literally dozens of players have come and gone, but Alan Cook has remained a permanent fixture on steel guitar.

We've been making music together for more years than we can count, have released six studio albums and are about to release a 7th.

We term our music 'Urban Country', which is basically our take on country music. The fact that we come from London - although Anne is originally from Northern Ireland - and we tend to write about our immediate vicinity, makes our interpretation a bit different from the American stuff. We've never really worked to a formula I guess, but that doesn't mean that what we do isn't authentic, quite the opposite in fact. As all we've ever been, is 100% us.

We're into lots of different music, we like film soundtracks by people like Ennio Morricone and Lalo Schifrin, we're into The Carpenters, John Prine, Patsy Cline and Merle Haggard, we grew up listening to a lot of punk and underground electronic music, we like the Mexican singer Chavela Vargas, and in terms of contemporary stuff, we're big fans of the Delines, we've always loved Johnny Dowd and Will Oldham, and our album of 2020 is probably 'Distance is Soul of Beauty' by Michael J Sheehy.

So I guess you could say our tastes are catholic, which probably comes across in our own music, but we've never really thought about it though.

We've won awards and signed deals, we've toured a lot in Europe, mostly in Germany, and the BBC once described us as having released 'the best record that you've probably never heard of', which is kind of nice... and kind of annoying at the same time.

We've had lots of good reviews in the press - maybe we're the embodiment of the old adage about being critically successful/commercial non-achievers? - Which is also kind of annoying, as we'd much rather be rich than cool. However, we're neither of those things, we're simply ourselves, something that usually outlives wealth, and most definitely last a lot longer than being cool.

We've had all kinds of crazy experiences in our time making music, too many to recount here, but we tell our story in a forthcoming film, 'This is a Film About a Band', due for release next year. However, what we are very happy to tell you, is that we recently signed a record deal with 'Cow Pie Ltd', home to such legends as BJ Cole and Hank Wangford and the wonderful Ags Connolly, who they have released our album Black Angel Drifter on beautiful black vinyl.

It is our 7th album.

In the meantime, please go check out our store, and hopefully we'll see you when some sort of normality returns.